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MCBC Celebrates 123rd Church Anniversary

On Sunday November 5th, 2023, Mt. Calvary family and friends gathered to celebrate it’s 123rd church anniversary. The theme: ‘’A Journey of Faith Rooted in Hope’’Colossians 2:6-7.It was a day filled with celebrations and milestones. Reverend Stanley Smith of Greater Fellowship Baptist Church brought forth a mighty message entitled “Constant Blessings for Constant Battles'' based on Acts 9:10-20.MCBC honored members celebrating 50 years of membership: Sister Eugenia Chambliss, Sister Betty Roberts, and Sister Linda Gardner. Baptized 2 of our newest members Sister Quantella Phinnizee and Sister Cynthia Parker who we welcome. We thank God for the growth, many blessings and how he has kept us through the years. May we continue to do the work that He has called us to and build for His kingdom. Glory be to God!

MCBC Honors Members with 50 Years of Membership


On November 5th 2023, MCBC celebrated members of the church that have been members for 50 years. This year there were 3 members celebrating 50 years of membership. What a blessing!  The honorees this year are:

  Sister Linda Gardner,  Sister Eugenia Chambliss, and Sister Betty Roberts.

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