Deacon Ordination Service

Brothers S.J. Tuck, Jr., Larry J. Mitchell and Drexter L. Crawford were ordained as Deacons during the morning worship service on Sunday, January 19th. The dedication service began with the reading of the “Historical Scripture Lesson of Acts 6:1-9”.  During “The Act of Ordination”, Pastor Stowers gave the “Words of Instruction”. Deacon Robert Felton-Chair, read “The Office of The Deacon”, I Timothy 3:8-10 and 12-13, listing the qualifications of a deacon.  Pastor Stowers then gave the “Pastoral Charge to the Candidates”. “The Laying on of Hands” led by Pastor Stowers and Deacons of MCBC was followed by the “Ordination Prayer” and finally the “Hymn of Consecration: ‘I Am Thine’ by Fannie J. Crosby”. Mt. Calvary welcomes with joy, praise and thanksgiving Deacon S.J. Tuck, Jr., Deacon Larry J. Mitchell and Deacon Drexter L. Crawford to the Ministry of Deacons and Servanthood. Pastor Stowers also recognized the previous ordination of Deacon Artice Fraley and welcomed him to the Deacons’ Ministry.

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Magical Nights of Lights at Lake Lanier

Mt. Calvary members enjoyed a night of fun and fellowship as they toured the dazzling display of Christmas lights at Lake Lanier. The “Twelve Days of Christmas” and “Teddy Bear Land” were just two of the many displays we saw. Many enjoyed hot chocolate, giant cookies, rides, snow ball fights, sliding down snow mountain and roasted marsh mellows. Pastor Stowers stated how important it was for members to enjoy and value fellowship with one another just as we enjoy and value fellowship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! 

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MCBC  Members Enjoys Black Nativity at the Cobb Energy Center

The Social Action and Events Ministry planned an afternoon of fellowship for members to see Black Nativity at the Cobb Energy Center. This gospel Christmas musical performance is in its seventh year of production. The birth of the Savior is told with spectacular singing and dancing by an amazing group of performers as the audience is transported hundreds of years back in time to experience The Christmas Story

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