Mount Calvary Baptist Church seeks to be a “Teaching Church,” empowering people through the
Word of God to effect change in their lives and the life of the community.



Committed to Spiritual Enlightenment

Mount Calvary Baptist Church is a vibrant congregation dedicated to serving the spiritual, educational, and cultural needs of our community. Our church is deeply rooted in the Holy Word, and our doors are always open to those who are looking for a place to worship. Contact us, or visit us to learn more about how to become a part of our congregation.


Catch up on everything that is happening at Mount Calvary

Ministry Leaders Workshop

A workshop for all Mount Calvary Baptist Church ministry leaders will be held on Saturday, January 18th from 10 am - 12 noon. This workshop will be conducted by Pastor Stowers. Installation of all ministry leaders will occur during the morning worship service on January 19th.

Heritage Sunday

Our annual Heritage Sunday celebration and recognition of members who have 50 Years of Matrimony will be held on Sunday, February 16th. In the tradition of our ancestors, we remember our past and look forward to our future. It's always a delight to see and celebrate members who have reached this milestone and have been married for 50 years. Our traditional Heritage meal will follow the morning service. Please join us at the 9:15 am Sunday Church School hour followed by the 10:30 am Morning Worship and celebration. 

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Thought for the Day

A good leader not only knows the way but shows the way.

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